Competition Pool

Dimensions:  25 yards x 25 meters
Lanes: 12 practice lanes or 10 competition lanes
Depth: 4 ft to 12.5 ft deep at the diving well
Entry: walk-in stair case and step ladders on 3 walls
Diving: 2 – 1 meter boards on platforms with a depth of 12.5 ft

Instructional Pool

Dimensions:  25 yards x 13 yards
Lanes: 6 practice lanes
Depth: 3.5 ft to 4.5 ft deep
Entry: 2 steps ladders, walk-in stair case and a ramp

Other Information

Spectator Area:
422 person seating capacity
Portable bleachers available
Wheel chair accessible

Concessions stand with eating area
Classroom with tables and chairs
Handicap lift for pool entry