American Red Cross lifeguard classes are periodically offerred throughout the year.

Typically there are classes offerred in the Spring and Fall and optional Recertification courses for Current lifeguards. There are also high school elective PE classes for Goshen High School Students.

In order to be a lifeguard you must be 15 years of age by the completion of the course and successfully complete the following prerequisite skills:


Treading Water

Timed Event

Swim 300 yards continuously demonstrating breathing control and rhythmic breathing. Candidates may swim using the front crawl (freestyle), breaststroke, or a combination of both, but swimming on the back or side is not allowed. Goggles may be used. Tread water for 2 minutes, using only the legs. Candidates should place their hands under their armpits. Complete a timed event within 1 minute and 40 seconds:

·       Start in the water, swim 20 yards (goggles are not allowed)

·       Surface dive to a depth of 7 – 10 feet to retrieve a 10 lb object.

·       Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back to return to the starting point with both hands holding the object and keeping the face at or near the surface.

·       Exit the water without using a ladder or steps.



$100 for new lifeguards; $50 for recertification courses.


Spring 2023 classes:

Link to sign up: Lifeguarding Class Sign up